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Canada, being second largest country in the world houses the best and high quality colleges and universities with superior chances for students and international scholars to live and study abroad. Canada is also known to be a layover for the most effective educational systems and facilities.

The number of universities with outstanding professionals and facilities are truly beyond comparison. It is therefore essential to note that getting a Canada student visa is a huge privilege for an international student or scholar.

International students search for opportunities to come to Canada because of its unrivalled educational seat of learning. Students in these schools are trained to become world class figures and scholars. Schools in Canada offers different educational schemes and research programs.

To obtain a Canada student visa can be tremendous when you don’t follow the right steps. See guideline and requirements to apply for a Canada student visa.

How to Apply For a Canada Student Visa 

Step one: An offer letter/ letter of admission is an important necessity to apply for a Canadian study permit:

The most important course of action when applying for a student permit in Canada is to search for a school or institutions that best suits your program. Canada has over 300 universities and colleges.

It is therefore important that you take your time and search for a school of your choice and also search for one that accepts international students.

Once you have been able to secure your admission in the said school, you can follow the detailed steps and apply for your students visa online.

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Step two: Confirm Your Eligibility:

Once the acceptance letter to the university has been approved and issued to you, you need to be sure and put certain things to order because these factors would determine if your Canada student visa would be approved or denied.

  • Bank Statement to confirm your financial situations:  if you would be able to met up the living and educational cost when granted the student visa.
  • Police Certificate to Check for Criminal Record: Before granted this visa, the Canada immigration service would need to confirm if you are a law abiding citizen of your country and wont be a risk to the security situation in Canada.
  • Medical Report: A medical report would be required to confirm that you are in a good state of health.

Step three: Provide Required Documents:

As previously stated you need to submit your acceptance letter, medical and police certificate. You also need to submit your citizenship document to confirm where your origin. In addition the following documents would be require.

Note: The document varies according to the program you are applyng for.

  • passport copy first and last page.
  • Bachelor’s / Master’s all Marksheets along with Degree Certificate.
  • Bachelor’s / Master’s Transcripts.
  • Experience Certificates (If Any)
  • IELTS Score Sheet
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume
  • Minimum 3 Reference Letters

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