International Study Grant 2022: Monash University Australia – Apply


Monash University is one of the highest and oldest university in Australia. It is known for the followings: Australia top engineering and technology school, high standard and system of education and also known for welcoming international students irrespective of the tribe and race.

Monash university has top notch and well sorted teachers and about ten(10) faculties with numerous departments offering a broad range of easily understood course option for career building, The university is no doubt one of the best universities in Australia and as such Students struggle to gain acceptance.

One can consider his or her self fortunate to get accepted in Monash university and more fortunate when he or she has to study for free. Monash university imternational study grant is a very rare opportunity for international students who wish to study in this grand bunker of learning.

Monash University International study grant is available for international students all over the world. The university board select students with great potential and academic excellence and award them by investing on their education. It is available for undergraduate and post graduate students from different departments available in the university. This article displays and shows all you need to know about this study grant and the steps to apply for it.

This international study grant is limited fto few students thus, it is advised to apply early and secure a spot for the international study grant. This grant can be reversed if the student does not have a minimum of twelve(12) credit point each semester

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Monash University International Study Grant Eligibility Criteria

Applicants are assessed and selected for the international study grant. Winners of the international study grant are given five thousand (5,000) or ten thousand (10,000) dollars depending on the result of your assessment. International students are assessed through the following ways:

  • Study level: Students are starting with an undergraduate of postgraduate course are legible to apply for this grant.
  • Academic Qualification Requirement : Scholars have to meet up and academic requirement coupled with a full or conditional offer letter to study at Monash university.
  • Citizenship: Monash University does not discriminate, it provide limited access to international students form different regions and country. It also provide a diverse student body cohort for the different regions.

How to Apply For Monash International Student Grant

When your application is received, Monash University will assess your application against university entrance requirements including: minimum age, English and academic entry requirements. Interested candidate has to submit a full detailed CV, academic certificate from previous schools, transcripts, Bachelor degree certificate and research paper.

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Applicants are expected to sign up for the undergraduate and postgraduate program and complete the process. Click here.

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