Chevening UK Scholarship Fully Funded Programme 2022-2023 ??‍???‍?

Chevening UK Scholarship Programme is a fully funded international scholarship and fellowship program.  Chevening Scholarship Programme is sponsored by the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office. Being fully aware that a UK education is a dream come true for most international scholars, Chevening provides this opportunity for qualified candidates to live their dreams.

It is traditional for international scholars who are fortunate enough to win the Chevening Scholarship to return back to their native land after receiving a world best educational training within a duration of 1 year to impact in their society thereby joining scholars/ Chevening Alumni of over 50,000 leaders  to bring a change to the world.

The fully funded Chevening UK Scholarship is a one in a lifetime opportunity. Qualified applicants should not miss out on this. Although it is an annual scholarship, it is also very important that scholars who are interested in having this amazing opportunity of schooling in one of the high ranked universities in UK should participate in this application now.

In this article, the package of the Chevening Scholarship will be unveiled as the sole aim of this scholarship is to allow scholars all over the world have an educational experience, build wonderful neworks with young leaders from across the globe while the government of UK take care of the funding for a whole year.

Chevening scholarship is available to a vast number of educational fields / courses in UK universities, Here are some things to note before applying for the Chevening Scholarships:


Fact One: Applicants are advised to have multiple course options in course selection for the Chevening UK Scholarship (just incase a place is not offered in their main course choice).

Fact Two: The board accessing the applications have better insight with the applicants’ alternative courses which could also influence their choice for the most suitable Chevening Award for the applicant.

Fact Three: Once applications are submitted, applicants can no longer have the option to retrieve or change their choice course. However, a window for change of course may be granted during the interview session.

Fact Four: Before an applicant is qualified for the Chevening Scholarship, an unconditional admission should be granted to the applicant.

Fact Five: Applicants can increase their chance of getting an offer and eventually the Chevening UK Scholarship by applying for same course in three different UK universities.

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For applicants to choose eligibe courses for the Chevening Scholarship, here are some things to put into consideration:

  • Courses must be Full-time courses and cannot be less than 9 months
  • Courses should start in Autumn (September / October)
  • Programmes must be taught programmes not research programmes
  • Applicants must be Uk based, distance learning is not advised

In other to ascertain the genuinety of your admission, the secreteriat will need to sight a proof of the applicants’ unconditional admission offer from any of the three choice courses. All the universities requirements should be made before the Chevening Scholarship deadline.

Click here to find and choose your course. See below the benefits of winning a Chevening UK Scholarship:


Chevening scholarship gives one to the opportunity to study in the UK which is a home to creative industries. Asides from the impeccable eduction to be gained, Scholars who study in UK are bound to get their fix in the creative industries.

Chevening UK Scholarship give scholars who have merited the award a grounded knowledge and proficiency in English language. Besides learning languages with collaboration of international studies, applicants are opportuned to master languages from other spheres of life.

Chevening Scholarship exposes scholars to diverse culture and experience as UK has a long history of housing international communities.

UK has held the record of having one of the most shortest duration of MSC program which is for exactly one year. Beside the time frame, UK universities are fashioned with world best facilities that have produced international students with more than 80 percent success rate.

Besides the academic quality and importance, UK is the home of Premier league competition and other globally recognized sporting activities like; F1 Grand Prix, Wembledon and lots more.

Objectives of Chevening  Scholarship Award

The core aim of the Chevening UK Scholarship is to create a long lasting bond with leaders all over the world. These renowned leaders are given the opportunity to acquire refined educational knowledge in the United Kingdom.


Applicants who wish to apply for the Chevening UK Scholarship are expected to be a citizen of the eligible countries for the Chevening Scholarship award. Successful applicants should be prepared to return back to their home country after the end of their program.

Applicants as at the time of their application must have completed their undergraduate studies with a CGPA of atleast 3.5 which is equivalent to second class (upper) honours.

However, applicants will be disqualified for the following reasons:

  • having dual citizenship of which british is among
  • Is an employee or relative is an employee in Her Royal majesty’s Government
  • have previously enjoyed funding of any type from a UK government

Applicants who are lucky to win the Chevening Scholarship award tend to enjoy the followings

  • Full payment of tuition fee
  • Paid economy travel from country of residence to location
  • Cost of entry clearance arrival and departure allowances
  • Allowance to cover for cost of accomodation and cost of living (Monthly)


The Process of selecting succesful scholars for the Chevening UK Scholarship award takes a duration of 8 months. Below is the overview of how the selection process looks:

August 2, 2022: Application Portal opens

November 1, 2022: Application closes for Chevening Uk Scholarships

November 2, 2022: Selection of eligible applicants

Mid November to December: Independent reading committees assess the eligible applicants, score them and submit to local British embassy.

February 2023: Succesful applicants are shortlisted

Late February 2023: Submission of references by succesful applicants

27 February – 28 April 2023: Interviews for succesful candidates

June 2023: Succesful candidates are notified

July 13 2023: Deadline for receiving and submision of unconditional offer

September / October 2023: Studies begin in UK.

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