Top 10 Universities in UK: Best Ranked Universities in UK ???

top uk universitiesUnited Kingdom (UK) is home to one of the finest and top ranked schools in the world. United Kingdom has the best school facilities and takes great pride in the quality and standards her school possess. It is worthy of note to state that, on the list of global university ranking, two UK schools sit comfortably amongs the top 5 schools in the world. This article brings to your knowledge the best top 10 universities in UK and reasons why they made the top 10 universities in UK list.

Top 10 Universities in UK

Best Ranked Schools in United Kingdom (UK)

#10 University of Warwick 

University of Warwick was founded in 1965 by the UK government to continue her plans of establishing more universities than other countries. This top school is located at the outskirts of Coventry England and has proven to be among the best colleges in England.

University of Warwick is ranked tenth among the top 10 universities in UK, and ranked 50th globally. University of Warwick has gotten a lot awards and ranking in all her departments. University of Warwick has bagged lots of trophies especially in their sports departments.

University of Warwick is a public research university that has its main library in the main campus. The library houses about 2 millon books including eBooks and tons of research papers. It also has accommodations for their students with about 6,500 rooms.

University of Warwick student union body recognizes about 300 organization and 70 sport clubs including hockey. University of Warwick has three media teams each covering its own aspects. This media teams helps in announcement and recruits new members each school year. This media teams includes:

  • Radio Warwick (RAW); This student radio program is used in different aspect in the school to give reports about the affairs of the students in the school.
  • The Boar: This is a newspaper services in Warwick that sends out twice in a month across the campus.
  • Perspectives: A political media services for the students in the campus.

University of Warwick is among the top 10 universities in UK because of its continous maintainance of the very standard educational ethics imbibed in the institution. It has 3 main faculties with their departments, college and research institute. These faculties and their departments includes:

  1. Faculty of Arts: This faculty ranked 54th best faculty of art in the world and houses a good number of departments, schools and research institutes. Some of the departments includes: English and Comparative Literary Studies, History and Ancient and Classics History Studies.
  2. Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine: This faculty houses quite a lot of departments and research institutes. These department includes: Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Warwick Manufacturing Group and Warwick medical school.
  3. Faculty of Social Studies: This great faculty houses about 15 departments and 20 research institutes. The departments in this school includes : Applied Linguistics, Education studies, Economics, Philosophy, Sociology, School of law, Center for teachers education (CTE), Politics and international studies (PALS) Warwick business school(WBS) etc.

University of Warwick has about forty thousand students and seven thousand staffs both academic and administrative staff. The school has a lot of partnership across the world therefore making room for international students. University of Warwick school has raised quite a number of personalities and for sure merits being on the list of the top 10 universities in UK.

#9 University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow is ranked nineth in the top 10 universities in UK with about, four thousand, three hundred academic staffs and three thousand, nine hundred administrative staffs. University of Glagowl houses quite an amount of students, over fifty thousand students, both undergraduates and post graduate. University of  Glasgow ranked 86th in the world university ranking 2022 and is still making waves among the top 10 universities in UK.

University of Glasgow is a public research and ancient university with its motto as ”THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE”. This university has produced to quite an amount of great personalities and still producing. It is located in Scotland.

Being one of the oldest English universities having been in existence since hundred and forty one years ago, it has magnificient edicifies like the large chapel in the school which stands as a memorial to the 755 students who lost their lives in the world war.

The university has a large library in the main campus which houses about 4 millon books and other libraries for different departments. The university has four colleges each containing a number schools. These colleges and schools includes:

College of Social Sciences :

  • Adam Smith Business School
  • School of Education
  • School of Law
  • School of Social and Political studies
  • School of interdisciplinary studies

College of Arts: The schools in this college includes:

  • School of critical studies
  • School of culture and creative arts
  • School of humanities
  • School of modern languages and culture
  • School of college of arts (graduate )
  • School of arts lab Glasgow

Collège of Veterinary, Medicine and Life Sciences: The schools under this college includes:

  • School of Medicine
  • School of Veterinary
  • School of Life Sciences
  • School of Psychology and Neurosciences.

College of Science and Engineering :

  • School of Engineering
  • School of Statistics and Mathematics
  • School of Computer Science
  • School of Earth Sciences and Geographical studies
  • School of Astronomy and Physics

University of Glasgow has tons of facilities and housing accommodation for students. Its admission percentage is 60%. Over 2000 undergraduates apply for this university every year but only 1000 people are offered admission. This university is among the top 10 universities in UK because of its constant and standard educational system and government.

#8 University of Bristol 

University of Bristol is known for its excellent academic skills, this top ranking university is globally recognized among the top 10 universities in UK. It is globally ranked 58th. Times higher education university ranking ranked this university at 92nd in the world.  This public research university has over thirty thousand students( undergraduate and post graduate students) and four thousand staffs (academic and administrative).

University of Bristol is located at Bristol England and was founded in the year 1857. This university is ranked 8th among the top 10 universities in UK. This school has six faculties and lots of colleges under them. These faculties includes:

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Social Science and Law
  • Faculty of Life Science
  • Faculty of Science

These University has quite a number of books in their library including eBooks. The school is among the top 10 universities in UK because of its great research facilities.

#7 London School of Economic and Political Science Top 10 Universities in UK

This school is ranked seventh among the top 10 universities in UK and ranked 49th in the QS world university ranking. They are also ranked 27th in the times higher education ranking. This university is situated in the London, United kingdom. This university offer over 40 undergraduate programs and 140 masters and diploma programs. It has about twenty thousand students in the school comprising of international students.

This top school has over 25 faculties and twenty three research institutes. This school is among the top 10 universities in UK because of it excellent research techniques and admission for international students and studies.

#6 King’s College London – Top 10 Universities in UK

This top public research university is located at London town, United Kingdom and was established in the year 1829. King’s college has five campuses and a total number of eight thousand staffs (academic and administrative staffs). The school houses over Thirt five thousand students(undergraduates and postgraduate students). The Campuses includes

  • Guys Campus (main campus)
  • Waterloo campus (situated at water loo)
  • St Thomas Campus
  • Denmark Hill Campus
  • Shrivenham campus

This university is ranked sixth among the top 10 universities in UK and has nine faculties which has schools and colleges sub dived into them. These faculties  includes:

  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine
  • Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences
  • Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery and Palliative Care
  • Faculty of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience
  • Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy
  • Faculty of Business
  • Faculty of Dentistry, Oral and Craniofacial Sciences

This university has two museums namely:

  • Gordon Museum of Pathology
  • Museum of Life Sciences

Global University ranking ranked king’s college 35th and times higher university ranking ranked this great citadel of learning, 35th in the world. Also this great citadel is ranked 6th among the top 10 universities in UK. King’s college has over 300 organization/society and 60 sport club recognized by their student union government.

King’s college provides a great housing accommodation for its students. It has twelve hall residences available for all students. This top school has produced notable and well-known individuals known world wide. It is ranked among the top 10 universities in UK because of its excellent and unique educational pattern.

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#5 University of Manchester

This metropolitan university is ranked fifth among the top 10 universities in UK. It is led by the board of governors, academic board and the university executives group. University of Manchester is located at Manchester, England and was founded in the year 2004 after the merger of other branches of institute in Manchester.

University of Manchester houses about forty five thousand students (undergraduates and post graduates). It has about seven thousand staff (academic and administrative staff). This top ranked university moves to the fifth among the top 10 universities in London after its numerous achievements and awards.

University of Manchester is dived into three faculties each with tons of schools under it. These faculties includes:

  • Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health: It is divide into three schools, each school consisting of 6 divisions.
  1. School of Biological Sciences
  2. School of Medical Sciences
  3. School of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering: Divided into two schools, which are:
  1. School of Natural Studies
  2. School of Engineering
  • Faculty of Humanities: Faculty of humanities is divided into four schools namely:
  1. Alliance Manchester Business School
  2. School of Arts, Languages and Cultures
  3. School of Environment, Education and Development
  4. School of Social Sciences

University of Manchester has libraries with over ten million books, it also have a museum with over 5 million items collected all over the world. It also have an art galley with over 30 thousand unique items inside it. University of Manchester has always been ranked among the top 10 universities in UK.

Times higher Education Ranking ranked University of Manchester 50th in the world while, the QS university ranking ranked it 27th in the world. The university has quite an amount of fitness classes and sport clubs with tons of sporting activities and well equipped facilities. This university has a good accommodation facilities for the students and is ranked among the top 10 universities in the UK because of its numerous contribution to united kingdom and it numerous awards.

#4 University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh is located at Edinburgh Scotland and is a public research university. This university is home to notable personalities and well awarded people. University of Edinburgh is an ancient university that is over 400 years old. This university is home to about forty thousand, five hundred students(Undergraduates and post graduates students). It also have over ten thousand staffs (administrative and academic staffs).

University of Edinburgh has an updated library with over 5million research books. It has an exchange program for students who wishes to transfer to other universities. Times higher education university ranking ranked this great school 30th in the world for its sound educational system. While the global university ranking ranked this school as 40th, the QS university ranking ranked it 16th world wide. University of Edinburgh is ranked fourth among the top 10 universities in UK.

This top university has great accommodation facilities for its students, it has a numerous sport clubs and equipment. This citadel of higher learning has three colleges which has a total number of 21schools situated under them. These Colleges includes:

  • College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences with twelve schools under it
  • College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine with two schools
  • College of Science and Engineering with seven schools

This university has won tons of awards and prized and has great number of notable scholars who passed through this school therefore making it worth the title of fourth best school among the top 10 universities n UK.

#3 Imperial College London – Top 10 Universities in UK

Imperial college London is ranked 3rd among the top 10 universities in UK because of its outstanding performance in the educational sector. This university is ranked 12th in the world by the times higher education world university ranking. it is also ranked 7th by the QS world university ranking.

Its no news that this great school is among the top 10 universities in UK because of its excellent and mind blowing educational performance which can not be misinterpreted. It is legally known as Imperial college of science, technology and medicine. It is a public research university established in 1907 and is located at London, United Kingdom.

This college has four faculties which includes:

  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Imperial College Business School

It has some educational centers and schools some of these centers includes:

  • Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication
  • Educational Development Unit
  • Graduate School
  • Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship etc.

This great school has four gyms, two swimming pools, six fully equipped music practice room, two sports hall and two students bar. The school has three student media teams which are:

  • Imperial College Radio Team
  • Felix Newspaper Media Team
  • Imperial college TV

Each of these teams has it’s own functions and does not interfere with other without proper authority It has about thirty four halls f residence with over four thousand rooms. This top school has about thirty thousand students and 8 thousand staffs.

#2 University of Cambridge

This great citadel of learning is among the world famous and world sorted universities. It has a wide range of notable personalities and has produced a number of world scholars. University of Cambridge is ranked second among the top 10 universities in UK and is making waves in the world. It is the world third oldest university having that it is 813 years old. It has over thirty thousand students (post graduates and undergraduates) and about 9 thousand staffs.

University of Cambridge has six schools which has different departments subdivided into them. These schools are:

  • School of Arts and Humanities
  • School of Technology
  • School of Clinical Medicine
  • School of Biological Sciences
  • School of Social Sciences
  • School of Physical Sciences

University of Cambridge has 116 libraries which are all well equipped. It has eight museum and one botanical garden, University of Cambridge was ranked fifth by the times higher education world university ranking and second by the QS university world ranking.

It is also ranked second among the top 10 universities in UK just after oxford university. University of Cambridge has won thousand of awards and prices world wide and is known for its excellent education. It is a very competitive school, the admission ratings is 39%.

#1 University of Oxford

University of Oxford is without measure the best school in united kingdom and among the best in the world. It has trained thousands of leaders, presidents, senators and scholars worldwide. The school is the first among the top 10 universities in UK and is the ranked the first in the world by the Times higher Education world university ranking.

The university is among the world oldest universities and the oldest among the English based universities in the world. Oxford university is highly sorted world wide and has the capability of over sixty thousand students. Oxford university has over eight thousand staffs (Academic and administrative).

Oxford university has 39 colleges and 6 halls attached to it. Oxford university also offer students financial aid by granting scholarships, student loans, grants and also internship programs. This great university has over 100 well equipped libraries. Some of these libraries includes:

  • The Bodleian Old Library
  • The Education Faculty Library
  • The English Faculty Library
  • The Girdle stone Memorial Library
  • The Vere Harmsworth Library
  • The Law Faculty Library
  • The Music Faculty Library
  • The Horton Hospital Library
  • The History of Medicine Library
  • The Latin American Centre Library
  • The KB Chen China Centre Library
  • The Social Science Library
  • The Taylor Library
  • The Nizami Ganjavi Library
  • The Leopold Muller Memorial Library
  • The Sackler Library
  • The Rewley House Continuing Education
  • The Sherardian Library of Plant Taxonomy etc.

Oxford university has four museums which generally are of great importance to both the students and public. These museums has artifacts from different parts of the world. The museums in this top ranked school are:

  • The Ashmolean Museum founded in the year 1683. This museum houses artifacts from five hundred thousand years ago and even before that.
  • Oxford University Museum of Natural History
  • The Pitt Rivers Museum
  • The History of Science Museum.

Oxford university has four academic divisions that are legalized in the university. These university has departments subdivided into them. These division are:

  • Humanities Division
  • Mathematical, Physical, Engineering and Life Division
  • Medical Sciences Division
  • Social Sciences Division

University of oxford also have ”Department of Continuous Education”. This school has a total of over twenty five thousand students. Oxford has over over 4000 undergraduate students and 3000 graduate every year. Oxford university is ranked among the top 10 universities in UK because of numerous awards and alumni. A good amount of notable lawyers, Scientist, prime minsters, literary personnel, philosophers, Actors and actresses, etc. are past students of oxford university. Some of them includes:

  • T.E Lawrence
  • John Locke
  • Sir. Roger Gilbert Bannister
  • Tim Foster
  • Hugh Grant
  • Rowan Atkision(Mr. Bean)
  • John Wesley
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Stephen Hawking,
  • Lords Bingham
  • Tony Blair. etc.

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