Facebook Meta Fellowship Program for International Students?

The Facebook meta fellowship program is a fully funded international and fellowship program. It is a scholarship program founded by Facebook for scholars and students who wish to study in the united state of American. International students from all part of the word can partake in this scholarship.  This fully funded scholarship is  dream come true for scholars who wish to make an upgrade in their researches.

The fully funded Facebook meta fellowship is an opportunity that one ought not miss as it is a very rare opportunity. This program gives PhD scholars at any level the chance to conduct a research and study in any high ranked university in united states of America so eligible applicant should not miss out of this research program. This article would exposé the benefit and goals of Facebook meta fellowship program scholarship.

The primary goal of this fully funded scholarship is to reach out to students who are in the doctoral field to carry out different researches in  diverse field. The Facebook meta fellowship program is projected to energize and encourage talented doctoral scholars who are engaged in innovative and relevant research in areas that are related to engineering and computer science at any authorized university in the united state of American.

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Financial Benefit of Facebook Meta Fellowship Program

Facebook meta fellowship program is fully funded and has a lot of benefits to the scholars. The scholars that are granted this scholarship are titled to get a fully paid  tuition fee for two year, the fees would be directly paid to the school attended by the scholar. The scholar is also entitled to an annual remittance of $42000( forty two thousand dollars) to cover the yearly living cost. This fee is sent directly to the scholars. This stipend cover for all the student needs throughout the year and thus reduces the burden of looking for a source of income.

This program offers various opportunities to the winners, and mouth watery supports with up to five thousand dollars for conference travel. They are also given invitation to the annual fellowship summit where they get to interact and meet other meta researchers in their field of study or other related fields. Scholars in this program cannot join the meta saving account plans because they are not considered as employees.

Note: The funds stipulated for the program is distributed during the fall term of the years awarded and completed at the end of the spring term, peradventure an awarded scholar graduates in the middle of an academic year he or she is permitted to receive the full tuition fee for the semester and are given half of their situated allowance for the semester.

Research Field Areas Available for Scholars 

The Research field areas available and their goals for the Facebook meta fellowship program 2023 includes :

  • AR/VR (Argumentized reality/ Virtual Reality): Create the future of personal and shared reality.
  • Blockchain and Crypto economics: Change the inflow of money cycle.
  • Artificial intelligence: Advance the field of machine intelligence
  • Computation photography and intelligent camera: Mobile visual processing to understand, arguments and enhance sharing connections.
  • Computer vision: Strive to understand the visual world around us.
  • Data Science: Gain insights to deliver meaningful social interactions.
  • Data Bases: Building next generation of data systems to connect the world.
  • Economic and Computation: Explore interaction of computation and economics.
  • Human Computer interaction: Understand and improve social experiences.
  • Machine Learning: Apply machine learning skill to Facebook products
  • Natural Language Procession & Speech: Break down language barriers
  • Networking and Connectivity: Create data network to support social network
  • Security and privacy: Keep the Facebook community secured
  • System and Infrastructure: Build systems to bring the whole world closer.
  • Language Programming
  • Instagram and Facebook app safety.


  • You are eligible to apply for the Facebook meta fellowship program scholarship if you are enrolled in a PhD program at any accredited university anywhere in the world in the season following the application cycle.
  • Applicant must be engaged in any research programs related to the computer science and engineering.

However applicants for the Facebook Meta fellowship program can be considered ineligible for the following reasons:

  • If you are graduating before the season after the application
  • If applicant is a section worker at Meta
  • If applicant has the plan to work part-time at any competitor’s company.

Application Deadline

The Process of selecting the winners for the Facebook meta fellowship program 2023 takes about 5months depending on the number of candidates. The selection process looks like:

  • Application portal open on the 3rd of August 2022
  • Application portal close on the 20th of September 2022
  • Letter of recommendation are due to be submitted by 6th of October 2022
  • Winners would be announced mid January 2023.

Required Documents for Application

The following documents are essential when a scholar wish to apply for the meta program.

  • CV (Curriculum Vitae)  or Resume: An updated cv or resume would be needed, this resume should show all your accomplishment and achievements.
  • Research Statement: Applicants are expected to submit a research paper of about 500 words or less which identifies your focused area.
  • Letter of Recommendation: Two letter of recommendation is important in applying for this funded scholarship. one letter h to be from your PhD or research advisor and the other from a professor and high ranked contact.

How to Apply for the Meta scholarship Program

The Facebook meta fellowship program 2023 opens on August 3, 2022 at 9;00AM PDT. Apply are advised to create a survey monkey apply account and follow the necessary steps listed there to apply. Changes to applications would be rejected after the application deadline and winners announced on the meta research blog.

Interested and eligible scholars can click here to apply for the fellowship program.

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