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GOOGLE SCHOLARGoogle scholar is one of the best web search engine for academic articles, thesis, paper work books, technical reports, research paper. It can be said to be the academic aspect of google designed to help scholars achieve academic excellence.

What is Google Scholar Search Engine?

Google Scholar is an academic search engine that is home to tons of of academic articles on different format doc, pdf etc. This search engine was launched by google on November 20, 2004. It has achieved quite a lot and has thousands of articles on it.

Google Scholar is a free search site that helps a scholar solve academic problems for free by recommending different articles to tackle unique and peculiar academic needs. Google Scholar has a whole lot of features and advantages.

Features of Scholar Web Engine

Google scholar search engine has some unique features which distinguishes it from the normal google search engine and also makes it similar to other search engine. These features are:

Related Articles: Google scholar permits you to view topics and articles which are related to your search. You would be able to access articles and files that are related to your search topic or articles that google thinks would be of importance to your search. Google scholar displays related articles to your search from different authors or writers. You get to see different citations and those who cited them.

Save To Read Later: With this free academic website you can save an article with the hope of reading later. You can minimize your data usage by saving an article and reading it when you feel like without data. You can add an article to your library by clicking on save under the search result.

You can also delete an article by clicking on delete under the article in your library. In a case of disorganized library you can put it together by categorizing them into different labels. Navigate to your library and click on “manage label”, click on “create label” and create any label of your choice.

Navigate back to the articles in your library and click on the article you wish to categorize and click on label underneath it, select the label you wish to add the article to and click on ‘done’. You can delete, edit or add any label of your choice by clicking on ”manage label’.

You can also get to publicize or privatize your library by creating a Google Scholar Profile. Your library is an important part of your account that store articles you have written and also store articles you would like to read or articles you would like to cite later.

Search by Specific Language: Google Scholar academic website supports the search by specific language, you can search for an article in a particular language. All you have to do is to navigate to setting in the official website and click on language, click on search on for pages written in this language  and click on the particular language of your choice.

Click on save to finalize this process. Your searches would be written in the language you have chosen and related topics in the same language. You can also change the language back to English language or any other language of your choice.

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Search For Articles by Specific Key Words / Dates/ Authors Name: This search engine is quite unique because a researcher gets to search for articles by using specific key phrases from an article, a researcher can also search for articles by the authors name simply by typing the authors name on the search box, google scholar search engine brings out all the articles written by that author to your home screen.

A researcher can also search by date of publishing, if the researcher happens to know the date of an article and type it in the provided box, articles written on that specific date would automatically popup.

Updates on Different Publications: You can keep up with different publications from authors or competitors within google scholar web engine. When you create a google scholar profile and link your email address you get alerts when an article or topic of your choice is update with a direct link to such article.

For example if you create an email alert for the topic ‘inferiority complex” you would be notified as a new message on your email inbox when an article is written related to such topic. A scholar can also get email address when an author he is she is following post an article on his profile.

You can also get an email alert when your article is cited by a scholar or another article that cites yours. You can only get alert when you create a profile on google scholar. The steps to create a public profile on Google scholar is:

Step one: Click on the official google scholar website, or click here

 Step two: Click on My Profile or my citation.

Step Three: Fill in the following basic information that would be asked:

  • Sign up using your email account by providing your email username and password
  • Your Full Name, as used in your email address
  • Affiliation for example: Professor of English, Western University
  • Your Email address for verification
  • Area of Interest eg Literature physics
  • Add your profile picture if you wish to personalize your  profile
  • Add your publication(your articles).
  • Make your profile public.

Once your google scholar account has been created you can get an email alert through the following steps:

Step one: Search on the topic of your choice and click in the envelop icon below it.

Step two:  You would be asked to provide your email address, type it in the provided box and click on ”Create alert”. You would be sent emails on updated articles on the topic of your choice.

You can also create email alert through your profile. Navigate to your profile and click on Alert, Fill in the alert query and input your email address and click on create alerts.

Google Scholar is very easy to use, and not complicated like some academic websites, it is easy to access like the main google website. It is easy to search for articles in the website simply by typing the name of the article or other method on the search box. It is also free to use to. You can search for articles like thesis papers, court opinion etc. for free on google scholar web search engine.

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