My Study Life App: Download Study App with Smart Phones ??


Study Apps are applications that help an average student to focus more on reading with its special in-built features. These apps have numerous advantages to a student as it is very important for a student to read and organize his/herself for class test, assessments, assignment and exams.

With the help of a study app a student gets to manage his/her time, keep notes, schedule reading classes, and test his or her self. My study life app is an application that helps a student do most of the previously mentioned things and a lot more.

What is Study Life App?

Mystudy life app is a software device that helps a student organize his or classes, manage and track assignments and lots more. My study life app helps a student in the following ways:

  • Keep track of assignments and its submission deadline.
  • Get reminders of unfinished assignment or works.
  • Keep and store examination works, revision and test.
  • Get notifications of upcoming exams and tests.

How to Sign up MyStudy life with your Smart phones

There are some essential basic information needed when one wishes to create my study life app account, these information are necessary to build your account and help you access the features of my study life app. Some of these informations are:

  • An active and accessible email address
  • Your full name
  • A strong password

The following steps should be employed when one wishes to sign up my study life app on his/her smart phone

Step one: Download the App; My study life app is available to IOS phones, Android phones, Window phones and Web. Navigate to the store of your phone (where you download your apps) and type in ”My study life app”, a green icon would surface. Install the app or buy it, if your store sells it. Once successfully installed, Navigate to your app page and open the app.

Step two: Click on the sign up option underneath the page. Fill in your first and last name in the provided box. Write your email address in the box below email.

Note: Your email address has to be functional and very accessible because a verification email would be sent to it. Also your email address would be used a medium to sent you updated messages from my study life app. Notification messages would also be sent through your email. If you don’t have a functional email or an accessible email address you can create one before signing up my study life app.


Step three: Enter a secured password that would be used to log in your account. Do not disclose this password to anyone. This password would be used to access your account when ever you wish to sign.

Note: To create my study life app password try to be creative and think out of the box, think of a password that is at least six characters and should have upper and lower cases letters, symbols and numeric characters. Do not use your name or number any body related to you. Do not use your name initials or passwords of any of your mobile apps or email address.

Step four: Click on ‘confirm’ once all these information has been successfully updated.

Step five: You would be asked to verify that you are not a robot by fixing one or two puzzles. Successfully done? click on ”next”.

Step six: An inbox message would be sent to the email address you have previously provided to activate and verify your account. Navigate to your email inbox and click on the link that would be sent to you to confirm or verify your email. Once it has been successfully done, congratulations!!! Your account has been successfully created and activated. You would be required to sign in to my study app through the mobile app.

Sign In The Study Life Application

Once your account has been successfully created you would be required to sign into my study life app to access your account. These steps to sign into my study life app :

Step One: Navigate back to my study life app and click on ”sign in with email”.

Step two: You would be asked to provide the verified email address and password. once successfully updated click on ”sign in”.

How to Recover Forgotten Password in MyStudy Life

In a case of forgotten password, you can reactivate your account by:

Step one: Click on forgotten password underneath the sign in option”. You would be asked to enter your verified email address. When you do, click on ”send  reset email”.

Step two: An inbox email message would be sent delivering the reset link, click on it, enter a new password and confirm it.

To avoid forgetting your password try to write it out in a safe space or cultivate the habit of using a password manger app.

Organize My Study App

You would be asked to configure your app to get it organized and ready to use. The following questions would be asked

  • Default Start time: When does your school day start?
  • Default Duration: How long are most of your classes?

Once it has be updated you can start by adding your schedule: Click on the home page then click on ‘schedule’. Click on the ‘plus’ sign under the page and start adding your schedule plan.

Also to add task in the app can be simply done by clicking on the home page icon and then you click on ‘tasks’. Click on the ‘plus’ sign underneath the page and add your task. Firstly add the subject and select one of these:

  • Assignment
  • Reminder
  • Revision.

Enter the due date and write out the title of the work or assignment. Write out a small draft about the work you are doing or the work you have to do.

Set Up your Profile Picture on your Study Life Account

To get your profile picture on my study life app you can log in with your Facebook account or office 365 account.

Sign Up With Facebook

The steps to sign in with your Facebook account are:

Step one: Navigate to my study life app and click on it to access the app.

Step two: Click on ”continue with Facebook.

Step three: Enter your acFebook mobile number or email address and enter your Facebook password. Click on log in and your Facebook would be automatically linked to your my study life app account.

Note: All the information on your Facebook account would be linked to your my study life app account.

Sign Up with Office 365 Account

The steps to sign up my study life app account with Microsoft 365 account are:

Step one: Navigate to the study life app and open it

Step two: Click on continue with office 365.

Step three: Enter your Microsoft school r work email address

Step four: Click on next and enter your password.

Note:  If you sign up with the Microsoft office 365, our profile would be updated from Gravatar using your email address as the link.

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