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For some scholars Mathematics is one of the world most difficult subject with numerous and complicated mathematical problems to be solved while, to some who have mastered the rudiments, maths is one of the simplest courses ever thought.

Some times even match teachers encounter hitches and tornadoes while trying to solve some particulate Math problem. However, with the aid of  the Photomath app, some of these hurdles would be so easy to jump.

Photomath is an online app that helps solve some of these mathematical problems however, this article would further elucidate unique features of the photomath app and how to use the Math solver app.

What Is PhotoMath App?

Photomath is one of the world most used mathematical dictionary. It is an educational learning app that focuses on teaching and solving mathematical problems like calculus, algebra, fraction, geometry, trigonometry, linear equation etc.

Photomath is a calculator web based math teacher that offers step by step explanation on any mathematical problem. It is a scan and solve mathematical system. Currently, Photomath is the world best mathematical dictionary and has received lots of award.

It was produced in the year 2014 by photo math Inc. Photomath has over 200 million downloads and still counting. This app is generally used by teachers and student to solve problems and for parents who wish to help their children with their homework, Photomath has been saving the day.

This exceptional maths solving app has a whole accrued to itself lot of wonderful reviews across stores on the smartphone world. Photomath can be upgraded to Photomath plus where users are blessed with limitless access to different mathematical problems. Photomath is available in different languages and can be changed in the Photomath setting. The languages includes:

  • English Language
  • Turkish Language
  • Croatian Language
  • Romanian Language
  • Chinese Language
  • Slovak Latin Language
  • Korean Language
  • Thai Traditional Language
  • Indonesian Language
  • Spanish Language
  • Swedish Language
  • Persian Language
  • Russian Language
  • Portuguese Language
  • Arabic Language
  • Polish Language

All these languages are available on the Photomath app. Photomath app is available and can be downloaded on android, iOS and window phones.

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Features of the PhotoMath App

Photomath is quite unique and has a whole lot of features which distinguishes it from other math solving apps online. Some of these features are:

Feature one: It supports basic mathematical problems like graphical and linear equation, decimal problems, ratio and proportion, law of indices, simple interest, shapes, geometry, circle geometry, angle of elevation and depressions, world problems, trigonometry, basic operations, statistics, fractions etc. It also offers little tricks for quick understanding.

Feature two: Free to use: It is also very easy to use and learn, unlike other mathematical apps this app is different and well organized. It also recognizes different handwritings easily.

Feature three: Scan and Solve Mathematical Problems: This application also has the scan and solve feature, you scan what you wish to solve and the answer automatically pops up with the step by step solutions.

Feature four: Edit scanned mathematical problem with a mathematical keyboard and gives deeper explanation of that edited mathematical problem.

Feature five: This mathematical app makes use of graph to solve a math problem, graph details like roots, lines are shown  to solve equations that requires it.

Feature six: Calculator: This mathematical app has a scientific calculator that solves different mathematical problems.

Upgraded Feature of this Mathematical App

AS aforementioned, Photomath app has an upgraded package called the photomath plus. Here are few things that come with the upgraded Photomath plus app:

  •  A detailed answered questions textbooks
  • Different and advanced Word problem with its step by step solution
  • Upgraded math meaning and tip
  • Visualized animated answers that helps one focus and understand a mathematical question.
  • Detailed step by step solutions to a math problem, giving the way and how a math problem is solved.
  • Different methods and steps to solve a math problem.
  • Different mathematical scholars or expert’s explained method to solve a mathematical problem.

To subscribe to this premium package a certain fee would be deducted from your account. The payment of this fee is mostly done with the use of a master card. The subscription would be renewed automatically once the previous one expires unless  the auto renewal service is canceled.

How to Create a Photo Math App Profile

To create a profile on photomath app you need to download the app first. The steps to create a profile includes:

Step one: Download the App: Navigate to your phone store, which ever one you have and download photo math application. Photo math is available for users of android phones, iOS phones and also window phone.

Step two: Open the app on your phone. You would be asked your age. Your age does not affect your account. Photo app does  not have an age limitation but it is advisable for +18 but if below that, a parents or teacher’s supervision is advisable. Click on ‘next’ if you have successfully entered your age.

Step three: What best describes you: There are three options to choose from which include:

  • Student
  • Parent
  • Teacher

Select that which describes you more and click on ‘next’.

Step four: Grant photo math app the permission to record videos and take pictures.

Step five: You would be automatically directed to the main page, click on the three vertical lines icon by the left hand side of the page and click on ”sign-in to photo math”

Step six: You can sign in with your google account, email account, snap chat account or Facebook account. Select any one of your choice and enter the details that would be asked to verify your account. Your account would be created if all these details are correct.

Congratulations you can access photomath app without hindrance. You can also delete you profile by clicking on the delete button underneath your profile page.

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