US Visa Application Online: How to Apply For US Visa By Yourself

With the availability of internet and internet enabled devices, immigrants who wish to travel to various countries seldom need the aid of travel doesn’t matter your country of location, if you wish to travel to the United States of America, you can now apply and commence the US Visa application online by yourself.

Obviously, most fraudsters and even some online travel agencies won’t be so happy with the secret of US Visa application been unveiled in this article. With the information embedded in this write-up, immigrants willing to travel to the United States of America would no longer need to pay huge sum of money to travel agencies to get this done.

Follow the steps on how to complete the US visa application online (by yourself) and get ready to set your interview date, location and some awesome things you never knew you could do by yourself.

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Easy Steps on How to Begin and Complete your US Visa Application Online By Yourself

STEP 1: Visit the official US Visa Application online portal by typing  on the tab of your browser > Navigate to the DS-160, Online Non-immigrant Visa Application and click on it > Select your country of location.

STEP 2: At the ‘Enter the code’ field, fill in the captcha as it is shown on your screen to enable the system ensure that you are not a robot.

STEP 3: Upload a digital photo of yourself. Click here for photo specifications.

STEP 4: Click on ‘start an application’.

STEP 5: Ensure that the application ID you would be given is kept safe as it would be used as reference.

STEP 6: Choose your security questions and make sure your answers are consistent (those may be asked during your interview) > Click on continue.

STEP 7: For a successful US Visa application, carefully fill in your personal information perfectly without error > Click on ‘Save’ > Click on ‘Next’.

STEP 8: Fill the form including the section that requires a ‘Yes/No’ answer. )Do well to note the answers you gave at the different questions asked.

STEP 9: The invitation letter of the person inviting you would be needed and uploaded at this level > Click on ‘Submit and save’.

Congratulations!!! You have successfully applied for your US Visa online by Yourself.

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