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Brainstorming is a very important aspect in studying, it is the act of thinking, generating and sorting new information.  A mind mapping and brainstorming app / software is designed to show the relationship between ideas and representing them graphically. Mind mapping app helps to plan and organize projects and ideas by creating maps that are useful for brainstorming.

There are thousands of brainstorming app that are used for different occasional activities including personals and organization activities but, just a few have features that are helpful. One of the best mind mapping and brainstorming app is called XMind app. This article would display the features and usefulness of this brainstorming app.


What is XMind Mapping and Brainstorming App?

XMind app is a mind mapping and brainstorming software that helps develop ideas and concepts. It was created in the year 2020 by XMind limited with the primary purpose of creating visual concepts and task management for scholars.

XMind had different versions since the creation of the app and had won numerous awards for best brainstorming and mapping software. XMind app helps to encourage creativity and boast productivity in the highest level. XMind supports different techniques for learning such as tree diagrams, organizational chats, slide shows, spread sheets etc.

XMind app organizes your ideas and present them in one slide. With over 15million users and 2million reviews, XMind has proven to be outstanding among other mapping apps. XMind software is very attractive, exciting, easy to use and focuses on providing great help to scholars.

This great software is free but has some in app purchase to facilitate new and exciting features. It permits just two languages other than English Language. The languages includes:

  • Chinese Language
  • Japanese Language

XMind software promotes creativity through their apps and is available on different operating software devices, which includes:

  • Android Device
  • IOS Devices
  • Mac OS X Software
  • Window Devices
  • Linux Software.

With the collaboration of Evernote app, XMind app is permitted to read free mind files and also mind manger files and save them directly to the note taking app, it also encourages exportation of the brainstormed files into mind maps and converts them into pdf, Microsoft excel files.

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Features of Mind Mapping and Brainstorming App

There are lots of outstanding features of this brainstorming app. which includes visual information, bright color themes, multitasking etc. Some of these features are gotten when a user upgrades and pay for a certain membership plan.

Bright and Stylish Color Theme: You can build a captivating mind app with a bright design.

Multi Tasking and Quick Access Point  : Open, edit and read two document freely on XMind brainstorming and mind mapping app. You can enter your brain stormed idea easily.

Filter and Search: You can tag or mark a topic using the marker to add anther information about it. You can also search for a content and locate it more easily in the app.

Pitch Style and Security: Showcase brainstormed idea as a slideshow with auto created transitions and arrangement with a tap. You can encrypt a secured password to lock your files safely on XMind brainstorming and mind mapping app.

Color area, use of illustration and stickers: XMind app encourages creativity and uniqueness with the use of rainbow colors and stickers, it has a sticker collection of about 500 different and new stickers to present a new idea. You can use images to envisage your mind map, Not with the use of text but the use of different illustrations from the numerous collections.

Export, Share and Transfer your files: It is very possible to transfer your files to a different device with the use of your internet enabled Wi-Fi. You can share your files directly to your email, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, blog, bigger plate or Evernote accounts etc.

XMind users get to import and export files to PDF (portable document format), PNG (portable network graphics), SVG ( scalable vector graphics), OPML (outline processor markup language) and Markdown files etc. easily on XMind app.

Structuralize Ideas with a Professional Help: Combine and select a coinvent and suitable structural way to grow your brain stormed ideas and notion with the nine available structure in the mind mapping app. The available structure includes:

  1. Matrix (Schedule table)
  2. Tree Table: Presents your topic in a logical table.
  3. Logic Chart
  4. Brace Map
  5. Organization Table
  6. Tree Chat
  7. Fishbone
  8. Mind Map
  9. Timeline.

Audio Note: Record and attach audio recordings to your topic. Record your ideas, capture audio notes in seminars, lectures, conferences, meetings etc. to remember them easily.

Summary and Relationship: Summarize your ideas with a note and use the relationship feature to link two important ideas with a style or description.

Subscription Plan on XMind Mapping and Brain Storming App

To unlock all the features of XMind app, a user is expected to pay a certain amount of fee. The subscription plans on XMind app re not outrageous like other mind mapping apps, the plans are paid according to your category.

This subscription plan is automatically renewed once they’re expired and the charges deducted from your account. You can pay annually on XMind app and also pay for six months. The subscription plan available is:

  • 39.99$ For duration of six-month
  • 59.99$ Annually.

Sign Up New Account on XMind Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Software 

To create an account on XMind app the following steps have to be strictly adhered to.

Step one: Navigate to a trusted browser on your desktop and click on www.xmind.com or click here.

Step two: Enter and Confirm your email address username. Enter a secured password of your choice and click on sign up.

Step three: Complete your information by entering your first and last name. Select a subscription on and choice the method of payment.


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