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Flashcards are small amount of cards containing a certain amount of information. Flashlashcards are kept to enable scholars remember little details of what they do or study. Educational flashcards contains information about what is needed in school.

This article bring to your knowledge an important educational mobile app that help scholars store educational facts. Quizlet app is a mobile educational study app that deals with flashcard.

What is Quizlet App?

Quizlet app is an educational app that enhances effective teaching and learning in the form of a flashcard that helps and handles different languages, diagrams, images and different audio upload. Quizlet app is basically in two cards; a question card and the answer.

Users can print these flashcards and also share them to people they wish to. Quizlet app was developed in the year 2005 by Mr. Andrew and was released to the public in 2006 with over 200 million accounts so far. Quizlet offers basically more than six ways to study which includes:

  • Flashcards
  • Spell
  • Learn
  • Test
  • Write and
  • Matching etc.

This flashcard app has over six hundred million generated flashcards and 70 million valid and active followers. Quizlet app is used all over the world, at least one hundred and fifty countries and it’s available in twenty languages. These language includes:

  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Chinese (traditional)
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Russian
  • Québec French
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Italian
  • Vietnamese
  • Turkish
  • Korean
  • Turkish

This Languages can be changed in the settings.


Features Of Quizlet Flashcard Application

The features of Quizlet app are numerous and can not be over emphasized.

Feature one: Flash card
Flash card are used in quizlet app, a user has to flip through the card to access the next card or flip on the card to get the definition of term in the card.

Feature two: Self Study
With Quizlet app you can read on your own without assistances, you get the option to digital flashcards and sets used by different users. Under self study, you can create and search for flash cards to add to your profile by your self.

Feature three: Browse by subject
Quizlet app enables its users to browse or search for flash card by the subject they offer. The user can search for different topics and their flash cards under these subjects. The subjects available on Quizlet app are:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Languages
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Science.

Feature four: Quizlet Plus
Quizlet app has an upgraded feature which is not on a free version rather, paid to upgrade. These features are far from the regular feature and have more subscribers, some of the updated feature in the quizlet plus are;

  • Expert Solution: Different manner of solutions that are verified by scholars and experts. This solutions are step by step with visible explanation.
  • Personalized Study Trackway: Specified study walkway would be provided for the user on quizlet plus.
  • No ads: With quizlet plus, a user wont experience ads and would be able to study without distractions.
  • Customized Sets: Scan to create: You can create a set of flash card by scanning your handwritten note book or textbooks.
  • Offline Access: A user can access his or her set anytime without an active internet option, once his or her sets are downloaded and saved in the file, it can be easily accessed on quizlet plus.
  • Track your Progress: You can track your progress with quizlet app plus and make use of your time with smart shortcuts to your sets.
  • Classroom live.

Feature five: Spelling mode

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How to Sign Up an Account on this Flash Card Application

It is important to create an account to be able to access basic features in the app.

Step one: Navigate to your store, ( play store and apple store) and download and install the official app. You can download the app for android users here.

Step two: It is obvious you need to open the app, Click on ”sign in for free”.

You can sign up with your google account or Facebook.  Your profile would be automatically added to your Quizlet app account, your user name can be changed if you want to on your quizlet profile. You only need to provide your Facebook account username and password.

Step three: Enter your date of birth by scrolling down to the exact date.

Step four: Enter your email address; You can make use of any any email address of your choice, some of the emails include:

Step five: Select a password of your choice. Select a password that you can easily remember, write it out in a safe haven or employ the services of a password manager to safeguard the password.

Step six: Are you a teacher: If you are a teacher click on ”yes”. Click on ‘no’ if you are not a teacher. Click on ‘sign’ if the basic informations you provided are correct.

Step seven: The user can click on ”see plans” par adventure he or she wishes to upgrade or use the quizlet plus feature. The user can also start a 7days free trial to test run this feature and suscribes later on.

Step eight: If the student or teacher doesn’t wish to upgrade his account to the quizlet plus then the ‘continue using free quizlet” should be used.

Congratulations your account has been created. You can enjoy exclusive feature on Quizlet app for free or enjoy the unlimited offer on quizlet app plus.

How to Sign up with apple account on the Web Page

Step one: Navigate to the browser of your choice and enter the official webpage of quizlet app. www.quizlet.com or click here

Step two: Select the sign up option and navigate and click on apple.

Step three: Quizlet app would ask if the user wishes to share his or her email. if no click on ‘hide’, if yes click on ‘share’.

Step four: Click on continue with touch id if you wish or click on continue with password.

Step five: Enter your birthday date and choose a user name.

Note: Be creative when choosing your user name, do not chose a vulgar username but a user name that represents you. Also choose a password that is strong and can not be easily detected.

Step six: Are you a teacher: If you are a teacher click on ”yes” if you are a teacher, click on ‘no’ if you are not a teacher. Immediately it is verified that all your details are correct, click on sign up. An inbox message would be sent to the email address. click on it to verify and confirm your account.

Quizlet app provides the easiest way to read and become a scholar at what you are doing.


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