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A study planner is an organized and personal schedule that helps a student utilize his or timeframe for a project. A study planner app like Todait app helps a student organize his or time by notifying them and helping them track down time for assessment, tests, exams and self study.

Todait is a perfect study planner app that helps scholars achieve set goals. This article gives in detail. the meaning and features of this exceptional study app. It also highlights the way to create and use todait app to achieve a planned study goal.

What Is Todait App All About?

Todait app is a smart study planner app that is primarily aimed at helping students. It was developed and launched in the year 2015 and has over twenty million users over the world. Todait app help scholars keep notes, organize and plan how they study to achieve a goal or finish a project.

It is a mobile app that allows its user use a timer for a study class or for any other academic events specified. Todait study app is used for students who procrastinate reading and wishes to make a change and utilize his or her time. Todait app is ranked among the best study planner apps and it has a lot of wonderful reviews and recommendations.

Todait app is useful for teachers, students and learners, it avails them of the advantages of studying and prepping for an academic session. Unlike some other study planner apps, todait app tracks down the performance of the users and give feed back to them of their performance over the week or month. There are a whole of eccentric attributes of todait app that makes it different and outstanding over all other apps. These features include:

Feature/Attribute of the Smart Study Planner App

Feature one: Reminder: Todait app has a reminder feature that notifies a user when it is the set time to achieve a plan.

Feature two: Briefing panel and Reports: This feature is available for todait premium app users. It tracks down the performance of the previous days’ tasks. It gives detailed performance statistics about the daily, monthly and weekly work of the users.

Feature three: Organizing your tasks: A user in todait app can categorize his or her activities in todait app.

Feature four: Memo and to do tasks: A user can add memo about what he or sure is studying about. and set a daily tasks to achieve at the end of that day.


Todait Premium Upgrade

Todait app has an upgraded plan for users. This plan has new functions that helps makes studying interesting to a scholar. Some of these features includes:

Feature one: Study report results: An upgraded user in todait app has the chances to see his or her study analysis; daily, weekly and monthly. Send feedback on the performance of a user such as examination preparation performance etc.

Feature two: Flexible plan creation and management:  Complete your day with the briefing panel function.

Feature three: No ADS

The price of this upgrade is quite cheap compared to other study planner apps. This payment can b made yearly or monthly and is made by linking debit card. The prices available includes:

  • Yearly plan      99.99dollars
  • Monthly           9.99dollars


How to Create an Account on Todait Study Planner

Todait study app can be used in the following devices provided that there is a high connected internet network. These devices includes:

  • iPhones
  • Android Phones
  • Window phone
  • Laptops

Step one: Navigate to play store or apple store, and search for ‘Todait-Smart study planner’ or click here.  Install or import the APK and click open.

Step two: Click on ”Register with email”, enter your email address and create a secure password.

Step three:  Enter your secured password which has to be at least six characters which includes numeric characters, upper case letters, lower case letters and symbols or signs. Read the terms of service and privacy policy, then click on register with email.

Step four: Upload a profile picture by granting todait app access to your files, photos and media. You can upload a picture from your photo album or take an instant picture with your camera. Create a nick name for your profile, then Select ‘Register with email’ and allow todait app to verify your details.

Congratulations your account on todait app has been created successfully. You can set up your profile to enjoy the benefit of using a study planner. You can also register an account to your todait app by providing the user name and password to your account. You account would be automatically linked to your Facebook.

Step five: Enter or Set up the time you start a new day,.

Step six: Add Simple Plans: Set up a notification plan; Add the plan title, select the days of the week, time of the days and the amount of days (start and end date) to achieve the plans you entered. Click on the plus(+) sign below the page to add more details to your plans. The available details are:

  • Total: Study by dividing and conquering in the set time: Select the amount of solved problems to achieve at the end of your set date.
  • Range: Study based on  set range: Select the amounts of pages in a book to read and achieve within stipulated days.
  • Repeat: Simple study that incorporates repetition: Select the amount of new vocabularies you wish to learn in the set time.
  • Time: Time invested for the set plans: Select the time convenient for you daily.

Step seven: Notification Center: Click on the bell icon and enter the time to be notified of set plans.

Click on the done sign to complete your study plan and start studying.

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