10 Best Educational Apps Scholars Must Download 2022 ???

best educational appsWith the hustle and bustle of life, being a scholar is not as enviable as it may seem. Scholars battle between their daily life activities and achieving their aims as students. In times like these, educational apps come in handy. With some of the best educational apps in this article, scholars are bound to perform at their optimal level.

These best educational apps tend to make life very easy for scholars ranging from grammar construction, retentive and note taking, individual subjects like math’s, science, English etc. it also helps out with language classes, brainstorming and organizing ideas and planning for lessons. This article would bring to your knowledge best educational apps that are suitable for scholars, students and those within and outside the learning environment and would help achieve the previously mentioned goals.

10 Best Educational Apps Suitable for Use

#1 Duolingo Language App

Duolingo language app is among the highly ranked best educational app that focuses and help scholar with their language problems. It is suitable for scholars who wishes to lean or adapt another other language. Duolingo app is globally ranked as the best language app for scholars and students, it is free and very easy and convenient for the users. Duolingo app offers about 38 different languages including frictional languages like High Valyrian language in songs of fire and ice and kilinigo language in star trek.

Duolingo app has a ton of features that makes the best language app, these features includes :

  • Use of Audio Assistance for Learning
  • Set Goals and tracking your progress.
  • Switching to a different language without loosing your progress.

#2  My Study Life 

My study life app is a study planner suitable for scholars and students. Study life app helps a student manage his or her time, take notes and schedule classes. My study life helps a student keep track of his or her assignment and when it is due for submission, it notifies a student of submission deadline, incoming test and approaching exam. My study app also provides reminders of unfinished assignments for students and helps keeps and store examination works, revision and test.

#3 Photo Math App

Among the best educational apps, photo math app is one of the highly recommended. It is an online mobile app that solves mathematical problems and equations It gives detailed step by step solution and explanation of a mathematical problem. It is regraded as the best mathematical dictionary because of its scan and solve feature. It is very easy and free to use.

Photo math app offers different mathematical experts solution to a mathematician equation, it also have an upgraded scientific calculator for scientific problems. It has solutions for different mathematical problems like;

  • Geographical and linear equation,
  • Decimal problems,
  • Ratio and proportion,
  • Law of indices,
  • Simple interest,
  • Shapes,
  • Geometry: circle geometry,
  • Angle of elevation and depressions,
  • Word problems,
  • Trigonometry,
  • Basic operations,
  • Statistics and fractions etc.

#4    Google Socratic App

Google Socratic is a mobile software that focuses on working out academic related questions, it supplies answers for  educational based questions. Google Socratic helps scholars by providing detailed and multiple step by step methods and answers, links to other articles related to your search topic, YouTube videos relating to your topic and answers by field experts. It breaks down the answers for easy and better understanding for the users, they also prepare quiz assessments for the user.

Google adapted Socratic app and added lots of features to it thus making it fall among the best educational apps. Google Socratic also permits a user to record and type his or her question Google Socratic divided this educational app into four groups for easy access. This groups have different department which fall under them, this groups include:

  • Humanities
  • Social Science
  • Science
  • Mathematics.

#5  Quizlet Educational Flashcard App

Quizlet app is an educational app that improves teaching and learning through the use of flashcard. These flashcards handles different languages, diagram audio upload and images. Quizlet app has over twenty languages and offers six ways for effectives teaching and learning.

  • Tests
  • Spell
  • Learn
  • Flashcards
  • Write
  • Matching puzzles.

Quizlet educational app offers five subjects which helps the user connect easily with his or her search. A scholar can easily search for topics under these subjects. These subjects includes:

  • Language
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Mathematics
  • Social Science
  • Science

 #6    Todait App for Scholars

Todait app for scholars is a smart study planner app that is focused at helping scholars and student with unbeatable reminder schedules. It is one of the best educational apps that helps students academically because of its time keeping accuracy.  It is a mobile app that helps with time management. It helps students and scholars set a timer for study or any event. It helps organize your task and to do list and also reminds a user to study. Todait also tracks down the performance of a user.

#7  Grammarly Writing App

Grammarly app is an app that help scholars, students and writers to correct grammatical errors. It corrects wrong spelling and punctuation mistakes and adjust and minimize sentences to make it concise to read. Grammarly app also checks for plagiarism and ensures organization and natural flow of words. It also displays more synonyms of words and ensures correct usage of choice words.

#8 Best Educational Apps  Evernote Note Taking App 

Evernote App is a task management and note taking application software that allows the users take down notes from anywhere and share them across different devices. Evernote takes, organizes and stores notes. Evernote permits entry of audio files and documents, It agrees to over 15 languages and can be used in various devices.

#9   Elevate Brain Training App

Elevate App is a brain training app that trains scholars, students and kid to achieve mental wellness, reading and writing skills, educational sharpness, reasoning. Elevate app is among the best educational apps because it trains the user to improve more on thinking.  It is a game app that focuses on speed and active thinking. It helps a user become better and reading, writing and speaking by providing useful tools and exercises. A user can also become a mathematics experts by solving mathematical equations quickly and fast.

#10   XMind Brainstorming and Mind Mapping App

Among the best educational apps is XMind app, XMind app is a mind mapping and brainstorming app that helps a scholar develop and organizes his/her ideas in a creative way. It structuralizes your idea in a professional way and presents them in a slide. It converts byour brainstormed idea and converts them into a mind app.


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